How Rehab Centers Treat Withdrawal from Amphetamines

amphetamine withdrawal treatment

Rehab centers provide hope for those suffering from withdrawal.

There are different techniques that a rehab center may treat for withdrawal from amphetamines. The first thing that will happen when you enter into a rehab center will be an intake. This will be time with a counselor and a medical doctor. You will be able to talk about your wants, needs and things you are struggling with. Between the group of you, you will come up with a plan of action and all the proper steps that will need to be taken for you to have a healthy recovery. Most rehab centers offer services, such as holistic resources, exercise classes or activities, educational classes, different types of therapy and many more other resources.


Therapy is one of the best ways to be treated for withdrawal from amphetamines. Rehab centers will have a full medical staff that are trained to help monitor your recovery and make sure all of your needs are being met. The will be able to address the psychological side of an amphetamine addiction while also confronting the emotional problems and mental health issues that becoming worse over time. They will be there to educate you about how to live drug free once you are outside of the rehab center. Having someone to talk to all the time can make the transition home and to recovery much more easier.


There is some different medications that your doctor may prescribe you. While some people want to stay away from taking medication to overcome another medication addiction, there can be advantages to this suggestion. While going through withdrawal from amphetamines, it is very common for a person to experience nausea. Most commonly, you will be given some simple has Pepto-Bismol. Also, Reboxetine can be another helpful medicine that may be suggested to treat amphetamine withdrawal symptoms.

Low Stress Environment

Recovering from an amphetamines addiction is enough stress for a person to handle. When the person has outside stresses on top of their addiction, it can cause a delay or relapse in drug recovery. Rehab centers know you may have obstacles to overcome, but offering a low stress area for you to stay during withdrawal from amphetamines can help your recovery time greatly. Also, when you are in a rehab center, you will less likely have any access to amphetamines or any other controlled substance.

Nutritional Support

A healthy nutritious diet can help the recovery process when treating for withdrawal from amphetamines. It is important to have access to healthy foods when you need them. When a person is at home or in another environment and going through withdrawal symptoms, they are less likely to cook themselves a well balanced meal. Rehab centers will have full staff of dietitians and nutritionists that will have the food prepared and cooked for you. Real natural food is natures medicine. Super foods like green vegetables and clean proteins can help rebuild your body and its strength. When your body is getting the nutrition it needs, it will be able to recover faster.

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