Amphetamine Withdrawal Symptoms

amphetamine withdrawal symptoms

Most symptoms of withdrawal will pass within a few days.

The amphetamine withdrawal symptoms can vary from person to person. A few of the symptoms that may occur during this process are fatigue, chronic insomnia, depression and lack of motivation. Some of these symptoms can be treated with medication but there are other ways to help keep some of them at ease. The following tips can help you to overcome amphetamine withdrawal symptoms without the use of medications.

Healthy Nutrition

Eating a healthy and nutritious diet is very important in any stage of life but when it comes to tackling and overcoming amphetamine withdrawal symptoms, there are a very special things to know and remember. The first thing the person should make sure to take on a daily basis is a good multivitamin. A good multivitamin will help the body get what it needs to function properly. On top a multivitamin, it is important that they eat a high protein diet. The best protein to eat is clean protein. It is best to stay away from red meats and focus on consuming fish and chicken. Tuna is a fish that can be prepared in many different ways including tuna fish sandwich, tuna noodle casserole and tuna salad.

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables are also very important. Each fruit and vegetable offer different vitamins and minerals that can help support the body while it is overcoming different amphetamine withdrawal symptoms. When a person is going through a period of high amphetamine use, they typically don’t eat well and will miss out on the nutrition that their bodies need to function properly. This is a good time to get the body caught up and obtain nutrition.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is important for the body plain and simple. If they body doesn’t get the correct amount of water it needs, it won’t be able to function properly. When has used large amounts of amphetamines, their body will tend to become more dehydrated. This can be another reason why they may experience more headaches and other body aches. Having access to fresh water while going through the amphetamine withdrawal symptoms, will help them overcome them faster and more successfully.

Stay Active

Physical activity can be hard for some people to do when they are experience different amphetamine withdrawal symptoms. In the first few days of withdrawal, it is important to stay active has much. Most impatient rehab centers will have exercise rooms, swimming pools and other activities set up for the person to use. This can also be a great time for a person to find a hobby that they can enjoy. Learning or obtaining a new hobby can help with the recovery process. It can give the person something to enjoy and their mind away from wanting to abuse amphetamines.

Music / Art Therapy

Music and art therapy is recommended by many different counselors. Music and art therapy allow the person to use their creativity and imagination to explore another side of themselves. Some people will use music and art to express their pains and why they have resorted to amphetamines. Music and art therapy are a great way to help ease amphetamine withdrawal symptoms. These types of therapies use the creative part of the human brain that helps improve the mental health and well being. Just has nutrition and physical activity is important part of recovery, so is the brains health.

There are some different amphetamine rehab centers that will have trained staff to help the person with music and art therapy. If you think this could help you or loved one, make sure to call around and ask about these services.